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The Top Three Cold & Flu Myths: Separate Fact from Fiction
Tips to Keep Your Baby Healthy This Season

(ARA) - “Feed a cold, starve a fever.” “Wet hair will make you catch a cold.” Paging Dr. Mom: If you have children under the age of two, it’s likely you’ve heard at least one of these theories. But are these myths -- or actual medical advice worth following? One thing is certain, cold season is here and it’s nothing to sneeze at. More than 90 percent of all Americans have at least one cold a year, and many have several. To keep your family healthy, let’s sort out what’s fact -- and what’s not -- regarding the top three cold and flu myths.

1) Feed a Cold; Starve a Fever
False. While Mark Twain may have a beloved spot in American history, this centuries-old saying he popularized is simply not true. Whether they’re battling a cold, fever or both, all sick kids (and adults) need nutrients and liquids to get better. If your baby doesn’t feel up to eating solids, try soups, juices, popsicles and other fortified liquids.

2) Breathing the Same Air as a Sick Person is the Easiest Way to Catch a Cold
False. While cold viruses can travel through the air -- especially when a sick person coughs or sneezes -- it’s not likely they’ll infect your baby this way. Rather, one of the best ways for babies to catch a cold is to grab something that has been touched by the infected individual -- such as a toy, bottle or teether. The moist environment, especially found on soft toys, is the perfect breeding ground for germs.

Luckily, there is a safe, natural way to help stop the spread of germs on baby items -- the Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer. Using dry heat instead of wet steam or chemicals, this sanitizer is proven to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs that cause RSV, ear aches, diarrhea and more.

According to Dr. Kelly Reynolds, microbiologist at The University of Arizona, “Dry heat is a smart option for killing germs on baby items and the Nursery Sanitizer is an extremely effective product that has been proven to eliminate some of the most threatening germs to a young baby’s health such as RSV, influenza, colds, staph infections and pneumonia.”

Here’s how it works: simply place soft and hard toys in the Nursery Sanitizer’s clear-view sanitizing chamber and secure the lid. Press the on-button and the Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer will reliably reach sanitizing temperatures to kill 99.9 percent of germs in 30 minutes. The heat will not shrink or fade colorful fabrics or melt plastic or rubber items.

3) Wet Hair Will Make You Catch a Cold
False. Mom may know best about some things, but it’s not true that being cold can cause a cold. According to, “If a cold virus happens to land in your nose, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re wrapped in an electric blanket or standing in a bucket of ice water -- you’re probably going to get sick.”

However, there is some controversy surrounding this myth. Researchers in Wales recently tested this theory and found those people whose feet were chilled for 20 minutes were significantly more likely to develop a cold over the next few days than those whose feet stayed warm. Their belief is that chilling a person lowers their immunity.

The best advice? If your child is already carrying a virus, his body will be less able to fight it off. When your baby starts to show signs of a cold, keep him indoors and away from public places. If you do need to take him outside, make sure he is warm and properly clothed. A good rule of thumb is to dress him in layers, comparable to what you would wear.

Doctor Knows Best

While it may be difficult to decipher fact from fiction, it’s best to take advice from your doctor, rather than friends or relatives. And to keep your family healthy this year, make sure everyone regularly washes their hands, eats a balanced diet and gets plenty of sleep.

For more information on the Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer, visit or call (866) 603-5900.

Germ Guardian Technologies, LLC, is an Ohio-based company dedicated to bringing innovative, effective and quality new products to the consumer market, including unique UV-C technologies to destroy bacteria and viruses.

Courtesy of ARA Content




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